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Storytelling for Business

Everyone loves a good story, especially if it is something they can identify with a face, makes a difference to us personally, or unlocks our emotions in a way not soon forgotten. Stories add human value that brings us all together. It is more of a show and tell than just talk. Storytelling does not [...]

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Growing Authentic Relationships

Businesses grow through genuine relationships based on trust. Consistent communication builds trust. Always treat people with respect when you communicate and with a caring attitude. If you speak to people as if they were your stakeholders, the outcome is a renewed business model. You do not know who they will speak to about your business [...]

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Effective Crisis Management for Leaders

Every organization and business will face a crisis at some point. How you handle anxiety and maintain trust with your stakeholders will determine the outcome. Planning with a strategy for communication and administering procedures will reduce anxiety and equip individuals to maintain trust during a crisis. Leaders must display mental readiness to be a catalyst [...]

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What is Pubic Relations (PR)?

The point of public relations is to make the public think favorably about the company and its offerings. Commonly used tools of public relations include news releases, press conferences, speaking engagements, and events. Although advertising is closely related to public relations—as it too is concerned with promoting and gaining public acceptance for the company’s products—the [...]

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Family Holidays-Get Ready!

November is one of the best times of the year in the Greater Houston area. We love the weather, the lower humidity, and of course, Thanksgiving! But often the stress of the upcoming holidays, family preferences for particular foods, shopping, and even the conversation leaves many of us a little anxious. Family relationships are complicated [...]

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How to Hire a Maid (What to look for in maid service)

Sooner or later you need to clean your house. After all it is probably your largest investment and regardless of keeping forever or re-selling the home, you must clean and maintain the appearance. Many of us CAN clean our home ourselves, but do we want to? Cleaning your home takes time away from family, leisure [...]

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Why Air Conditioners Fail

It is that time of year when you need to prepare your air conditioner for full throttle! During the heat of summer is absolutely the worse time for air conditioners to fail, but it can be prevented with a few pre-cautionary steps. An Annual Maintenance Check Up Getting your unit checked out annually is a [...]

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Are you Connected in the Community?

Do you live in Montgomery County or do you do business in the community? Regardless of whether you have a business or you want to meet new people with common interests, you have to make the first move to interact in the community. People with strong ties to their community feel better about themselves, deepen [...]

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