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Taylorized Public Relations for Local and Small Businesses

Taylorized PR is a boutique Public Relations firm customized to your small business in Montgomery County, Texas. PR is an alliance with your business to increase awareness and branding. Marketing, public appearances, your social and traditional media plan, advertising, and events all lead up to your image. RELATIONSHIPS MATTER!

  • Social Media-posting on all platforms

  • Positive Imaging and Branding

  • Press Releases

  • Website content

  • Public Relations Consultant

  • Positive, Controlled Word of Mouth

  • Blogs/ Online Media

  • Event Management




  • Newsletters

  • Media Relations

  • Flyers, Power Point, Logo

  • Evaluating current marketing material

  • Networking for your Business at Events

  • Advertising to your Target Audience

  • Copy Writing/Creative Writing

  • Radio Show Host

Public Relations – Stronger Brand

Taylorized PR does builds relationships and trust for businesses in the Montgomery County area by broadcasting their unique story through various marketing channels used by their targeted market. Taylorized PR has years of experience managing public relations for businesses. Let us promote your idea and get your message out!

A “Taylored” Approach To Public Relations

Marketing is a form of communication between you and your customers with the goal of selling your product or service to them. Communicating the value of your product or service is key.  Taylorized PR is helping businesses develop and communicate their unique story to the public with the objective to increase business, brand, and awareness.  Taylorized PR – Where relationships matter!

Conroe Culture News with Margie Taylor

Lone Star Community Radio/ Conroe’s FM 104.5 & 106.1 hosts the ” “Conroe Culture News” hour hosted by Margie Taylor, of Taylorized PR, each Monday at 12 Noon. Check out the Conroe Culture with Margie Taylor website.


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  • Gordon Fitzgerald

    When my daughter and I volunteered at MCEA she always kept us updated as to what was going on. She also had a gift for making Cordelia feel special and appreciated.

  • Aaron Bearden

    Margie is a joy to be around and you really feel like she cares about what you care about.... because she actually does! I highly recommend.

  • Janice Parish

    Taylorized PR is amazing! Margie will listen to your needs and get you positive results every time.

  • Ian José Ramirez
  • Johnny Riley

    Margie is the real deal! She really cares about her clients and works for there Best interest, I have contracted her services in the past and was never disappointed in her!
    She emailed me recently to ask if I would be interested in performing at the Conroe Catfish Festival on oct 14, 2018 and I said yes I would ! When I ask her what was her booking percentage, she said nothing ! I’m paying it forward! What a Blessing Margie is ! She really cares about her Clients !

  • Mlk Dool

    Margie stayed on top of Everything. She made certain that our event was advertised and recognized in every social media way possible - radio, newspapers, f/b, columns, etc. She wrote the news releases and did followup with the outlets when the event was completed. She was able to give recommendations for advertising outlets based on marketing funds available. She took photos and Came To The Events. THAT is dedication to your client and making sure that the client has the exposure they need. Thank you Margie!

  • Hannah Ashe Shelton

    I just had the pleasure of being a guest on Margie's radio show, she was so easy to talk to and really loves to help local business thrive. I highly recommend Taylorized PR to grow any business to their maximum potential! I am so appreciative to have Margie spread the word of Advocate Direct Care she is a true Advocate for all good causes!

  • Janese Bradford Cremin-Sokulski

    Margie cares about your business and promotes with gusto and Personel touches. Highly recommend Taylorized PR.

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    WhatsApp: +1 4846298691

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    Facebook: Kayla Williams FX

  • Rebecca Wilkins

    Taylorized PR is diligent, dedicated, and determined. Margie makes sure our company's events are promoted across multiple platforms, she is easy to get in contact with and replies quickly to e-mails, calls, and messages, and she is consistent in anticipating and taking care of our needs. She even reminds us we need to get information to her when we don't think about it! She almost does our thinking for us! Taylorized PR is a priceless resource in all of our advertising, marketing, and PR campaigns.

  • Carla Moore

    Exceptional. Margie is the best!

  • Debbie Glenn-Cross

    Margie Taylor is a Go-Get'er. She will outwork just about anybody I know and produces amazing results.

  • Sandil Magubane

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  • RC Gallegos

    Margie Taylor has been a Godsend! We have been open over 16 years and been very successful, but only had minimal media and press coverage. As an owner of a business, I am seated with many hats. From Manager to counselor, HR, Trainer, cook, accountant and media representative. It’s too much and impossible to be good at all these jobs, NO MATTER HOW WELL YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING. So I learned to do what I am good at and educated on and leave my marketing to the professional with class, experience and knowledge! Margie went along with me to make sure I did everything right and well. Keeping me on task and on point. Thank you!

  • Janeya Godfery

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  • Howard Wood

    Outstanding results and customer service. Margie and her team have produced quantifiable returns for us.

  • Breaking Strongholds

    Taylorized PR did an incredible service for the release of our show and we are forever grateful!

  • Keath Krueger

    This is by far the best PR firm we have ever used! The attention to detail, has blown us away! Results are the name of the game, and Taylorized PR gets the results you want every time!

  • Cise Kola

    You knocked me off my feet! I’m humbled and grateful. I just invest $500 with Taisha Carson
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Why wait to start a marketing campaign?

Contact Taylorized PR for a free introductory initial meeting to see what you can do to increase business. Affordable and customized to your business, not a system or package.

Need fresh ideas? Call Taylorized PR! (936) 828-6881

Weekly Columnist

A Weekly Columnist for the Conroe Courier since 2017, Margie Taylor engages the community on upcoming events, areas of interest, and interesting information about Downtown Conroe.  Click HERE for more information


~Board Commissioner of the Montgomery County Veterans Memorial Park~Board Director for Entergy Power to Care ~ Board Director for The Players Theatre Company ~ Treasurer of Spring Creek Blue Star Mothers, and member of many task force teams in the community.

Radio Show

Weekly Radio Host since May 2016 with local nonprofits, small businesses, elected officials, and upcoming events Mondays Noon-1:00pm.
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