Businesses grow through genuine relationships based on trust. Consistent communication builds trust. Always treat people with respect when you communicate and with a caring attitude.

If you speak to people as if they were your stakeholders, the outcome is a renewed business model. You do not know who they will speak to about your business and repeat what they heard. The old motto, “Do unto others as you would do unto them” comes to mind.

Authenticity keeps you honest. Even if its not good news, it breeds a stronger trusting relationship and your clients, constituents, patients, and all stakeholders will know what to expect from you each time. When you care for someone you speak the truth in a caring approach, right?

Any relationship requires two-way conversation. A business should be open to hearing the good, the bad, and the ugly as well as just amplifying their message. Community support of issues related to your business, matters a great deal. If a community is to be negatively impacted by something done by a business or organization, hearing their point of view is critical to success. Two-way dialogues should not be taken as negatively, but more as an opportunity to tell positive stories to enhance the project and deepen relationships. Stakeholders (anyone affected) should always be consulted with possible solutions in a responsive, caring manner.

Businesses enlarge their circle of trust in the community by utilizing ongoing authentic and comprehensive communication. Honesty is always the best policy in public relations. Chambers of Commerce are an effective way to strengthen your business relationships…… if you get involved!