Our lives are busy every single day. We work. We have families. We try to give back to the community. We attend church regularly. Oh, and we try to maintain our home, vehicle, and pay the bills.

There just isn’t enough time to do any more than what we can do. But, what if you committed yourself to “Do One Thing” everyday? Just one thing. Would it make a difference?


Treat everyone all day every day with kindness. It doesn’t have to be a chore. One you start, it may just come naturally without any effort. Where do you do this? Goodwill starts at home with your family. Smile and show how blessed you are to have them there with you. Treat your co-workers, the lady at the grocery store check-out, the people driving in front of you, and your neighbors the same way. Smile and be kind.

Why does this matter? Your day will go easier and with less challenges when you are regarded as a kind smiling individual. There is no cost involved, no extra effort and you may find yourself with a little extra time to do other things since you avoided struggles. You just may make a small difference to a stranger or someone you care about that is having a bad day.

Give back to the community. Every business has an obligation to enrich the community that brings them revenue. Are you engaged in the community? Taylorized PR hosts a weekly radio show for six years, writes a weekly column for over 4 years, and sponsors many nonprofit events including the Christmas on Main for Downtown Conroe, the Annual CAC Duck Race, and the 12 Days of Christmas series highlighting nonprofits that give back to our community. All are voluntary efforts. What can you do to make a difference?

What are you thankful for today? Live each day like what you do matters. It does.