Storytelling for Business

Everyone loves a good story, especially if it is something they can identify with a face, makes a difference to us personally, or unlocks our emotions in a way not soon forgotten. Stories add human value that brings us all together. It is more of a show and tell than just talk. Storytelling does not [...]

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Growing Authentic Relationships

Businesses grow through genuine relationships based on trust. Consistent communication builds trust. Always treat people with respect when you communicate and with a caring attitude. If you speak to people as if they were your stakeholders, the outcome is a renewed business model. You do not know who they will speak to about your business [...]

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Flowers-they make you feel good!

Flowers are a way of telling someone you are thinking of them, you are sorry, congratulations, or that you hope they feel better soon. The history of flower giving goes back thousands of years. Egyptians adorned funerals and tables with flowers to symbolize religious beliefs. Greeks and Romans awarded athletes with garland and laurel wreaths [...]

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