Women are generally the ones left to do the household chores, regardless of whether they have an outside occupation or not. Pleading for help is tiresome and often short lived. What can you do to spend less time maintaining the home yourself?

Use the word “We”

Try discussing chores that need to be done in the tone of “we” as a team. Create a list of chores that can be done together. Split the list with kids also with the items they don’t mind assisting with in the home.

List making

Make a list of everything you feel is absolutely necessary to get done. Ask yourself, “What if this isn’t done?” Prioritize the list-do now, delegate to someone, or not important-do later.

Let go of Control

If you go back and clean or redo a chore that someone else has taken on as a responsibility because it doesn’t meet your standard of expectation, you are wasting time and defeating the purpose of everyone pitching in as a team. Less than perfect is still better than doing it all yourself.

Use Storage Bins

If family members like to leave belongings around the home, try using storage bins. They can collect all their items that are scattered in various places from their personal storage bins located in a specific area of the house. Additional ideas about decluttering can be found in our past blog- Removing the Clutter.

Chores on Weekdays

Doing the household work during the week will lessen the burden to get it all done on Saturday or Sunday. Then you can play or enjoy the time with your family and friends, too!

None of us LIKE doing the housework, but it is like doing maintenance on your car. If you don’t wash it, check the oil, and rotate the tire, you set yourself up for additional repairs or a vehicle that you don’t have pride in.

Of course, we are here to help! Make your home SPARKLE and allow you to spent time with your family. Give us a call!